Top Coworking Spaces in Canada with Prices

Top Coworking Spaces in Canada with Prices

Coworking is a specific organization of people’s work in which people with different occupations come together in one common space for communication and creative interaction. The term can be perceived in a broad and narrow sense. Check the top coworking spaces in Canada in the article below.

The ideology of free coworking space Toronto

What is a coworking center? It is something between a regular office space and a room at home. That is, in a coworking center, a person has his own workplace, he can use all the furniture, the Internet, and drink coffee/tea in a specially designated place, but at the same time, the user does not have clear work regulations, dress code and rules, as it usually happens in offices. A kind of home atmosphere is created, which helps to relax and work with pleasure. In order to better understand the “ideology” of free coworking space Toronto, you need to know how it arose and what goals were set for it.

According to some estimates, by 2020, every second worker in Europe will be a freelancer or self-employed. The same trend is observed in Canada. It’s not just about growing small businesses: the ability to work remotely has become an important skill even for traditional office workers. However, not everyone can work from home for various reasons. Often, freelancers are forced to equip their workspace in a hotel room, business lounge, or coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. It is often difficult for travelers to simply get into local co-working spaces.

A co-working space is a place where a freelancer or remote worker works together with other like-minded people. Most often, such premises are ordinary offices that are rented together with others. Co-working is now quite popular in European countries, Canada and the USA, because for a small fee, you can work in a well-equipped house without the constant supervision of a boss. You can engage in any type of work there, except for the one that involves the use of special equipment or creating obstacles for the work of others. That is, rehearsals of a musical group or work on a lathe will still have to be done elsewhere.

What are the prices for top working spaces in Canada?

Among the best coworking spaces in Canada are the following:

  • Crew Collective – from 20 Canadian dollars per day

A feature of this club is a cafe open to all with a hundred seats, which serves excellent coffee, and food can be ordered online – it will be delivered to your table.

  • Impact Hub – from 30 Canadian dollars per day

With 86 offices (and count) in 5 regions around the world, Impact Hub is a well-established coworking franchise that offers vibrant, collaborative workplaces and networking events for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  • WeWork – from 25 Canadian dollars per day

Wework offers many membership plans and jobs suitable for individuals and small businesses for daily and monthly rentals.

  • Regus – 400 Canadian dollars per month

Regus is a global provider of coworking spaces with 3,000 offices in 120 countries, offering comprehensive memberships and office logistics for individuals, startups, and large companies.

  • Workhaus – 350 Canadian dollars per month

The Workhaus offers panoramic views of the city. The day pass allows you to work in the comfortable lounge on the sofa or at one of the equipped tables. The overall atmosphere is reminiscent of a modern five-star hotel.